Misadventures in dating

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Dating websites were for lonely people who didn’t have any friends and couldn’t get laid. “And anyway,” she continued, “you are a lonely person who doesn’t have any friends and can’t get laid.” After thinking about what Maude said, and with baldness looming in my future, I swallowed my pride and created a profile.What did I have to lose, aside from a few more follicles?Now, there are some pretty ridiculous dating websites out there.

My favorite is Discreet Adventures, which sounds like a Lifetime movie but is actually a site for setting up extramarital affairs.

“All along I'd vaguely assumed the emptiness and the pain meant I was doing something wrong.

But maybe it was all just part of the process so something new could be born. Then the pain, which is the only way to a birth.” ― Stephanie Rische, “A good dad will fulfill his daughter's request—but only if it's the right gift, at the right time.

Today – my first day of teaching – started out great.

I woke up a couple of hours early, brewed myself some coffee, and read through a few chapters of Hebrews while listening to “Wonder” by Bethel on repeat.

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  1. "People are people, and they do what they want to do," she said. People who are socially isolated, people who are obese, who are blind talking to others. I've had at least two cases this year." On Manhunt's phone service, which costs less than a month, users comb through recorded voice messages and leave word for users they are interested in.