Intimidating get a heavy swat to give up

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He has the lowest accuracy, lowest firepower and lowest endurance of all the enemies.Security guards appear in First World Bank as the bank guards, Green Bridge as the prison transport drivers, Slaughterhouse as the armored vehicle drivers and in No Mercy as the ICU guards.

Instead, think of it as a "big car." I know you've heard this one before, but size doesn't matter.

For whatever reason some officers are intimidated when it comes to stopping big rigs.

Whether it's because of a lack of knowledge of the rules and regulations involving tractor-trailers, the mountain of paperwork truckers carry with them, or the officers' own lack of skill or comfort in stopping such large vehicles on the highway, some officers are just reluctant to stop these large vehicles.

In Diamond Heist, each security guard carries a Compact-5 and wears a red shirt for higher patrols.

This variant also appears in No Mercy as the guard who is sent to check on the malfunctioning cameras, and must be silently eliminated before he can set off any alarms.

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If you don't even have a fake weapon, but wish to achieve the same effect, that's a Brandishment Bluff.