Dating ashley parker angel

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Dating ashley parker angel

His parents divorced when he was three years old and Paula would marry Ron Angel, who legally adopted Ashley.

Ashley would then adopt his name, legally becoming Ashley Parker Angel.

Ashley went on to voice characters in many popular Sega and Play Station video games, including the lead character Alex in the classic Lunar: The Silver Star.

During his teenage years, Ashley also worked the game help phone lines at Working Designs, and as a lifeguard at both a local water park and Whiskeytown Lake. While there, with each transaction, he would sweet-talk customers into filling out the feedback card he included with their purchase and asked them to mention him if they felt he did a good job.

She has also appeared in the music videos of such other artists as Lisa Stansfield and Barry White.

In 2006, she appeared with Ashley Parker Angel in the MTV reality series, There and Back which was tracking Angel in his pursuit of solo stardom.

also known professionally as Tiffany Lynn, is a model and actress, initially best known as the partner and later fiancée of singer-songwriter Ashley Parker Angel in the reality series There and Back. The nine-year-old actor’s parents are former O-Town singer Ashley Parker Angel and his ex-fiancee Tiffany Lynn.On the new season of the anthology series, Lyric plays Lachlan Drake, the son of Cheyenne Jackson‘s character. Ashley has posted a bunch of cute photos of himself with Lyric over the years. From rags to riches to rags to vague celebrity status.Ashley Parker Angel has had a roller-coaster of a career.

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He spent is early days roaming the back country of rural Northern California, getting into trouble with the law when he was nine for accidentally setting his school football field on fire.